Our Misson

To make this society a better place to live. Providing better living condition to those who did are deprived by society.

Spreading awareness of personal hygiene between women, providing basic education to the street children and prepare them for the future, getting the youth back from bad habits...


We have the best brains of dedicated and educated people in the management who are really for the welfare society

We take utmost care in the selection of the right people who have an unfulfilling desire to work for the upliftment of weaker sections of society.


Since 2002 we have a long list of projects which have been successfully completed

We take utmost pride in keeping this mission moving from different areas of society upliftment.

Our Works

We have worked on various society issues, some of them are listed below:

Women Empowerment:


Women Empowerment

The issue of autonomy of women has become a hot topic around the world , including India for decades. Many United Nations agencies in their reports have emphasized that gender should be given top priority. It argues that now women can not be asked to wait for equality.


Computer Educations:


Women Empowerment

We think computer education is very much necessary for every child for this developing nation i.e. India. Therefore we had organised computer education camps in different part of delhi, where children can get computer education free of cost. Childrens amongs different localities like JJ colonies, Poor Colonies had joined the camp.


Child Labour and Child Abuse:


Women Empowerment

Child labor and child abuse is the main concern in our societies nowadays. Child labor is basically defined as violates a indias minimum age laws. Threatens children's physical, mental, or emotional well-being. Involves intolerable abuse, such as child slavery, child trafficking, debt bondage, forced labor, or illicit activities.


Drug Rehabilitation Center:


Women Empowerment

Modern man accord high priority to sensual pleasures , and therefore falls an easy prey to unpleasant and harmful habits like addiction to toxic substances such as alcohol, snuff and drugs. We have organised various Drug rehabilition center in delhi itself which was benefitted by over hundreds of peoples.



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